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Leslie Scalapino - O Books Fund

Established by Thomas J. White in remembrance of his late wife, an experimental writer associated with the West Coast language poets and founder of O Books, this Fund supports the publication of books celebrating the beauty and legacy of poetry and other creative pursuits. Visit for further information.

The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley by Robert Creeley, Rod Smith, Peter Baker, Kaplan Harris

The Selected Letters of Robert Creeley

  • by Robert Creeley (Author), Rod Smith (Editor), Peter Baker (Editor), Kaplan Harris (Editor)
  • March 2020
  • Paperback $29.95, £24.00|
    Hardcover $65.00,  £50.00|
    eBook $29.95
Gravesend by Cole Swensen


  • by Cole Swensen (Author)
  • July 2012
  • Paperback $24.95, £20.00|
    eBook $24.95,  £20.00
Ian Hamilton Finlay by Ian Hamilton Finlay, Alec Finlay

Ian Hamilton Finlay: Selections

  • by Ian Hamilton Finlay (Author), Alec Finlay (Editor)
  • April 2012
  • Paperback $26.95, £21.00|
    Hardcover $63.00,  £49.00|
    eBook $26.95,  £21.00