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<A Shared Experience: The Campus Common Read

A Shared Experience: The Campus Common Read

Supporting the learning, development, and success of students during their first year of college is a unique task. As higher education professionals, you help students find their footing and create ties to their …

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<Justice for Trayvon: The Spark

Justice for Trayvon: The Spark

On Feb. 26, 2012, just three weeks after his 17th birthday, Trayvon Martin was murdered. Today would have been his 24th birthday. The killing of Trayvon triggered a series of protests and inspired the …

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<Rosina Lozano Wins PROSE Award

Rosina Lozano Wins PROSE Award

Last week we announced that four of our titles were nominated in the 2019 PROSE Awards. Today, we are honored to announce that one of those titles has won the top award …

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