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<On Lunch Shaming

On Lunch Shaming

As California joins other states in seeking to end lunch shaming through legislation, the conversation turns importantly towards a national solution. Jennifer E. Gaddis’s timely new book, The Labor of Lunch: Why …

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<Talking Cultured Meat: A Q&A with Ben Wurgaft, author of <i>Meat Planet</i>

Talking Cultured Meat: A Q&A with Ben Wurgaft, author of Meat Planet

The future of food is inevitably a political and communal thing, and it demands open inquiry and discussion. We get to ask questions over the figurative or literal dinner table.

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<Announcing <i>Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs</i>

Announcing Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs

“If you want to dive deeper into the terroirs of Chianti Classico, I recommend a book from Ian D’Agata, ‘Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs,’ to be published this summer by University of …

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