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Last stop on the 38th Parallel

We rejoin our intrepid adventurers, David and Janet Carle as they travel the 38th Parallel seeking water-related environmental and cultural connections. Their book, THE 38th PARALLEL: A WATER LINE AROUND THE WORLD …

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Along the Yellow River on the 38th Parallel

Since our last update, David and Janet Carle have followed the 38th parallel across China, investigating water-related environmental and cultural connections. First, they visited the city of Yinchuan, near the Yellow River …

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Return to the 38th Parallel

David and Janet Carle have been traveling the 38th Parallel, starting from their home at Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra, seeking water-related environmental and cultural connections. Their book The 38th Parallel: …

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Across Europe on the 38th Parallel

Last year, David and Janet Carle traveled the United States along the 38th parallel, investigating water issues from the Chesapeake to California for their upcoming book. Yesterday, the Carles embarked on the …

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Parallel Universe: 38º North

David and Janet Carle have embarked on worldwide journey along the 38th parallel, exploring how water issues, environment, and culture intersect at this central latitude. They will chronicle their journey on their blog, Parallel Universe: 38º North, as they travel from the United States through Japan, Korea, and China, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Greece, Sicily, Spain, and Portugal. Their experience will be the basis of a future UC Press book.

Janet and David Carle both worked as California State Park Rangers for more than 27 years. Janet is editor of the CA State Park Rangers’ Association newsletter, and David’s many books include Introduction to Air in California, Introduction to Fire in California, and Introduction to Water in California.

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