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Materiality, Mobility, Ruins, and COVID-19

By Niko Vicario, author of Hemispheric Integration: Materiality, Mobility, and the Making of Latin American Art Writing a blog entry for the University of California Press website while self-isolating in Brooklyn in …

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La Perle des Antilles: A Haiti Reading List

Located on the western side of the Hispanola island, Haiti has been a nation plagued by both natural disasters, public health crises, and political unrest throughout modern history. While the current political …

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Rethinking a Global Latin America

This post is published in conjunction with the American Anthropological Association conference in Washington D.C.. Check for other posts from the conference. #AmAnth17 By Matthew C. Gutmann, co-editor of Global Latin America: Into the Twenty-First Century with …

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Chasing Che and the New Global Latin America

This post is published in conjunction with the American Historical Association conference in Denver, taking place January 5-8.When sharing this post on social media, please be sure to use the hashtag #AHA17! The opening of diplomatic relations …

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On Shopping Malls and the Politics of Access

by Arlene Davila, author of El Mall: The Spatial and Class Politics of Shopping Malls in Latin America This guest post is published in conjunction with the American Anthropological Association conference in …

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Columbus Day, Then and Now

In reference to Columbus Day and as part of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize Hispanic and Latino Americans’ current contributions–and current struggles–in the United States. Learn more at #HispanicHeritage Month and #ColumbusDay. Every year on …

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