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Back to the Parallel

We’ve received an update on the travels and adventures of the intrepid David and Janet Carle as they do the ground work behind their upcoming THE 38th PARALLEL: A WATER LINE AROUND …

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Last stop on the 38th Parallel

We rejoin our intrepid adventurers, David and Janet Carle as they travel the 38th Parallel seeking water-related environmental and cultural connections. Their book, THE 38th PARALLEL: A WATER LINE AROUND THE WORLD …

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A New Telling of the Nanjing Massacre

Lu Chuan’s 2009 film, City of Life and Death, which opened in New York last week, is a fictionalized telling of the Rape of Nanjing. Though the massacre has been downplayed in …

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How Three Mile Island Can Help Us Understand Japan

As Japan’s nuclear crisis continues to unfold, many are considering the lessons from Three Mile Island, America’s worst nuclear accident. The Washington Post recently interviewed J. Samuel Walker, a Nuclear Regulatory Commission …

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The Remains of an Ancient Armada

Seven hundred years after sinking to the bottom in the seething waters of a legendary battle, shipwreck fragments, pieces of armor, weapons, bones, and other relics lie submerged off the coast of …

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