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Celebrating 10 Years of Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene

In December 2013, UC Press’s mission-driven, trans-disciplinary, open-access journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene published its first article, ushering in its motto, “Open Science for Public Good.” In this blog post we pause to reflect and take note of some of the publication highlights from the journal’s first ten-plus years.

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Climate-Smart Intervention Takes Top 2023 Case Studies in the Environment Prize

The winning case study from the 2023 competition, “Building Resilience in Jamaica’s Farming Communities: Insights From a Climate-Smart Intervention,” from The University of the West Indies’ Donovan Campbell and Shaneica Lester, demonstrates that while climate change poses immense threats to the environment and to human livelihoods, adaptation also provides opportunities to strengthen a community.

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Q&A with Aaron Eddens, author of Seeding Empire

In Seeding Empire, Aaron Eddens rewrites an enduring story about the past—and future—of global agriculture. Eddens connects today’s efforts to cultivate a “Green Revolution in Africa” to a history of American projects …

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A Q&A with Elementa Associate Editor River Shen

“With its richness of civilizations, the Pan-Pacific realm has been experiencing especially severe environmental pollution and ecological crisis, associated with swift regional economic development over past decades.”

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