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Ask Our Staff: What does a Production Editor do?

In this video, Stephanie Summerhays, senior production editor and FirstGen Program Committee member, discusses the role of the production editor in turning a manuscript into a book and the people authors will work with throughout the process.

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Announcing the 2023 Atelier Series Cohort

Edited by Kevin Lewis O’Neill, Atelier is a book series in anthropology that takes a ground-up approach to the acquisition and publication of new ethnographic works. Curating a cohort of scholars committed to the idea …

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 A Look Inside Novel Palestine

Palestinian writing imagines the nation, not as a nation-in-waiting but as a living, changing structure that joins people, place, and time into a distinct set of formations. Novel Palestine: Nation through the …

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Is Cuba the World’s Most Sustainable Country?

By Gustav Cederlöf, author of The Low-Carbon Contradiction: Energy Transition, Geopolitics, and the Infrastructural State in Cuba When lightning set 40 percent of Cuba’s oil reserves ablaze last year—a thunderstorm hit its …

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