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Join Christina Heatherton for the Arise Book Tour

Tracing the paths of figures like Black American artist Elizabeth Catlett, Indian anti-colonial activist M.N. Roy, Mexican revolutionary leader Ricardo Flores Magón, Okinawan migrant organizer Paul Shinsei Kōchi, and Soviet feminist Alexandra …

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Attend ASA 2022 Book Forums

This year’s American Sociological Association conference is back and in-person in Los Angeles from August 5-9! This year, we have several of our esteemed authors participating in Book Forums that you won’t …

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A Wider Discipline for a Smaller World

In response to the International Studies Association’s annual theme–A Wider Discipline for a Smaller World-we offer a few reflections on how tapping into a broader array of disciplines and subjects can bring clarity and enhanced insights into our understanding of the urgent challenges of our times.

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Remembering the Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

March 15, 2022 would have been the 89th birthday of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who, for her whole life, was an unwavering champion for women’s rights and social justice. Here’s a list of just some of her accomplishments.

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