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Celebrating 150 Years of Yellowstone Park

This week marks the 150th anniversary of the world’s first national park. Readers can explore the wonders and history of this stunning natural treasure with our new second edition of the award-winning Atlas …

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Why We Need to Reimagine Our Cities

By Stephen Wheeler, co-author of Reimagining Sustainable Cities: Strategies for Designing Greener, Healthier, More Equitable Communities As one of the landmark publications of the last year in the social sciences, The Dawn …

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UC Press Recent Award-Winning Authors

UC Press is proud to publish award-winning authors and books across many disciplines. Below are some of our recent award winners from October and November 2021. Please join us in celebrating these …

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OA Week 2021: Open Access at UC Press

At UC Press, open access—the free, immediate, unrestricted, online access to peer-reviewed research and scholarly work—is central to our mission to drive progressive change by seeking out and cultivating the brightest minds and giving them voice, reach, and impact.

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