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Kobo to Sell UC Press E-Books

University of California Press is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with Kobo for the sale of its e-books. Through Kobo, readers can now find UC Press e-books such as …

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Sep is now live! brings to life the Autobiography of Mark Twain in video slideshows, images, interviews with the editors and other Mark Twain scholars, and audio clips of excerpts from the book. The site …

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Dig for Dinosaurs on your iPhone

Now you can explore hundreds of dinosaur fossils on your iPhone with the new Dinosaurs app from the American Museum of Natural History, created with Lowell Dingus, co-author of Barnum Brown: The …

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Speaking Freely, from the Grave

“In this Autobiography I shall keep in mind that I am speaking from the grave….I speak from the grave rather than with my living tongue, for good reason: I can speak thence …

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