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On PBS NewsHour yesterday, correspondent Spencer Michels interviewed General Editor Robert Hirst and Editors Harriet Elinor Smith and Benjamin Griffin of the Mark Twain Project, along with UC Press author and Twain scholar Shelley Fisher Fishkin, about the forthcoming Autobiography of Mark Twain.

They discussed the Autobiography‘s development and offered a preview of the thoughts, memories and opinions that Twain will reveal for the first time, 100 years after his death. The Mark Twain Project and UC Press will publish the first of three volumes of the Autobiography of Mark Twain in November.

The segment also includes a reading of an excerpt of a previously unpublished Mark Twain essay called “Concerning the Interview.” Read more on the PBS NewsHour blog, and watch the clip from PBS NewsHour, embedded below:

3 thoughts on “Mark Twain on PBS NewsHour

  1. Several attempts have been made in the past to publish excerpts from Twain’s Autobiography, his desire was however that his Opus Magnum should remain cloistered for 100 years. I applaud Mark Twains beneficent contribution to American literary history and welcome his wit and candor in holding the mirror at just the right angle and correct height to illuminate the American myth and mystique without debunking it. Twain, perhaps the most acerbic pundit and author of the 19th century has managed to extend his validity into the 21st century, not only by prohibiting the publication of his full Autobiography for one hundred years, but by remaining relevant and germane to the way of life in America. Visit for more on the publication of the Mark Twain Autobiography. For more information regarding the Mark Twain Autobiography<a href="; click here

  2. I am wondering when you plan to publish vols. 2 and 3 of the autobiography. This because I have proposed to my publisher a biography of Twain’s final years and such would require access to the full autobiography. Thank you.

    Bruce Watson
    Author of “Freedom Summer: The Savage Season that Made Mississippi Burn and Made America a Democracy”

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