A Closer Look at Parasites: Podcast with Rosemary Drisdelle

Tapeworms, head lice, roundworms, and bedbugs don’t have a very good reputation. They are parasites, living on or in other organisms, embedded or attached, feeding off their hosts, causing painful bites and spreading disease. They serve no useful purpose—or do they?

In this UC Press podcast, author Rosemary Drisdelle, author of Parasites: Tales of Humanity’s Most Unwelcome Guests, finds that contrary to popular belief, parasites are not always harmful, and can even have important benefits. And far from being insignificant, these constant companions may have helped to shape human history and culture.

Listen to the podcast now:  

3 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Parasites: Podcast with Rosemary Drisdelle

  1. Very interesting podcast. As far as head lice are concerned, they seem to have evolved with humans. Head lice combs were found in very ancient tombs. Anyway it seems that head lice and lice eggs are really not much more than real parasites.

  2. I really enjoyed listening this podcast, especially the historical part. To bad it had nothing on head lice, really would like to here more on .

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