“Like Columbus who sought a trade route to Asia, Randall Grahm set sail in 1979 for the Great American Pinot Noir, foundered on the shoals of astringency and finesselessness and ended up running aground in the utterly unexpected New World of Rhône and Italian grape varieties.”—Randall Grahm’s Biography

Thus began Bonny Doon Vineyard, and the world of wine has never been the same. Bonny Doon’s biodynamically produced, adventurous wines are blended with Grahm’s imaginative miscellany: satirical soliloquies, rollicking literary parodies (“Howlbarino” by Alain Gainesberger, “Da Vino Commedia: The Vinferno” by Al Dente Allegory); sermons on the virtues of screwcaps, and reflections on Bonny Doon as a creative endeavor as well as a winery. Grahm’s new vinthology, Been Doon So Long, collects his viterature, poesy, and doon-tunes, as well as articles and insights on sustainability, terroir, and what makes a good wine. In this video, Grahm reflects on Bonny Doon’s evolution over the years. For more, visit his blog, beendoonsolong.com.