A menu Twain drafted.

Baked apples with cream.
Fried oysters, stewed oysters. Frogs.
American coffee, with real cream.
American butter, fresh + genuine
Fried chicken, southern style.
Porter-house steak, with mushrooms
Saratoga potatoes.
Broiled chicken, American style.
Hot biscuits, Southern style. rolls. Hot light
Hot wheat-bread, Southern style.
Hot buckwheat cakes.
American toast.
Clear maple syrup.
Virginia bacon, broiled.
Blue-points, on the half shell.
Cherry-stone clams.
San Francisco mussels, steamed steamed.
Oyster soup. Clam soup.
Shell Oysters roasted in the shell–northern style.
Philadelphia terrapin soup.
Soft-shell crabs.
Connecticut shad.
Baltimore perch.
Brook trout, from Sierra Nevadas.
Lake trout, from Tahoe.
Sheep-head + croakers, from New Orleans.
Black bass from the Mississippi.

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