In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve removed the paywall from the guest editors’ introductions from the past nine Spring issues of Feminist Media Histories (FMH). As we anticipate the journal’s tenth anniversary issue (forthcoming in April 2024), we invite you to read this selection of content from the journal’s archives for free for a limited time.

“Our hope is that by showcasing a range of feminist media histories across multiple formats, multiple time periods, and multiple global contexts, Feminist Media Histories will demonstrate, issue by issue, how vital a feminist perspective has become to charting any history of any medium in any region. By publishing a series of themed special issues, we can demonstrate the breadth and scope of current scholarship in ways that will make a lasting impact on histories of media worldwide—and that impact might reach beyond the often closed circle of feminist media historians.”

FMH Editor Shelley Stamp in the journal’s inaugural issue

Guest Editors’ Introductions from FMH‘s Spring Issues

Useful Media (Issue 1.2, 2015)
Laura Isabel Serna

Activism, Agency, and Authorship: Exploring Women’s Film History (Issue 2.2, 2016)
Despoina Mantziari, Yvonne Tasker, Melanie Williams

Toward a Feminist Politics of Comedy and History (Issue 3.2, 2017)
Maggie Hennefeld

Genealogies of Feminist Media Studies (Issue 4.2, 2018)
Miranda Banks, Ralina L. Joseph, Shelley Stamp, Michele White

Sex and the Materiality of Adult Media (Issue 5.2, 2019)
Elena Gorfinkel

In Deep Water (Issue 6.2, 2020)
Jennifer Peterson

Affect: The Alchemy of the Contingent (Issue 7.2, 2021)
Jennifer M. Bean

Sites of Speculative Encounter (Issue 8.2, 2022)
Allyson Nadia Field

Producing Film History (Issue 9.2, 2023)
Jennifer M. Bean