Mark Moffett. Photo: Frank J. Sulloway

“People look at ants as little mindless specks, and of course, from the top of a mountain…people look the same way”, says Mark Moffett, author of Adventures Among Ants, in this podcast.

As a biologist, a National Geographic photographer, and award-winning explorer, Moffett has traveled the world in search of ants. His micro-photographs of ants, taken with tips from a supermodel photography handbook, give a close-up of ant life, from military strategy and highways to agriculture and slavery. “When we get close to anything, lots of personality and differences are revealed, and ants are no different”, he says.

Years after undertaking his graduate thesis on the marauder ant, Moffett is still captivated by the tiny creatures—especially by concepts of identity and nationality in the ant world, where a colony can stretch for hundreds of miles and swarms behave like one “super-organism” instead of a group of individuals.

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