We’re pleased to announce that Naja Pulliam Collins is our new Associate Editor of Geography and Environmental Studies! Naja joined UC Press in 2021 and assisted the editors for environmental studies and history before assuming her new role in early 2023. Prior to coming to UC Press, she spent several years teaching English as a second language to students in Malaysia and China. Before that, she was an assistant editor for a regional tourism magazine.

Her previous experience living and working in diverse communities bolstered her passion for knowledge sharing and the ways the written word can shape our understanding of community. She is eager to acquire books that contribute to UC Press’ mission of pushing paradigms with a focus on social justice and looks forward to acquiring projects that explore questions around place, resilience, justice, and culture in innovative ways.

In her words:

“Throughout my time at UC Press, I have worked with a variety of authors and editors across different lists. This has allowed me to better understand how each book we publish supports our mission to shift paradigms in their respective fields. I am excited and honored to continue to build on the strengths of the geography and environmental studies lists.

I am encouraged by the enthusiasm to push the fields of geography and environmental studies in new directions, as evidenced by this year’s Association of American Geographers annual meeting theme, Toward More Just Geographies. I look forward to working with diverse authors whose work critically engages with themes of place, power, resilience, justice, and culture to make novel interventions in the field.

If you will be at AAG this year, please stop by the booth to say hi! I look forward to having energizing and informative conversations about the future of the field as well as hearing about your research and potential upcoming book projects. You can always send me an email at npulliamcollins@ucpress.edu.”