Upcoming books exploring Black history

Throughout the month of February, UC Press will highlight books we have had the privilege to publish. Books featured raise Black voices, highlight the works of Black artists, bring forth the history, and speak about the issues facing the black community..

Below we are proud to preview upcoming books coming this year from UC Press. While we recognize the importance of Black History Month, we celebrate Black voices all year.

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Great Kingdoms of Africa by John Parker

Great Kingdoms of Africa
By John Parker
Coming March 2023

A groundbreaking, sweeping overview of the great kingdoms in African history and their legacies, written by world-leading experts.

This is the first book for nonspecialists to explore the great precolonial kingdoms of Africa that have been marginalized throughout history. Great Kingdoms of Africa aims to decenter European colonialism and slavery as the major themes of African history and instead explore the kingdoms, dynasties, and city-states that have shaped cultures across the African continent.

The Unfinished Project of Liberation

By Maggie Adler & Maurita Poole
Coming March 2023

This stunning exhibition catalog visualizes what freedom looks like for Black Americans today and the legacy of the Civil War in 2023 and beyond.

Sitting at the intersection of history and contemporary life, burdened by failed promises but buoyed by hope, this project is mournful and melancholy yet also reflective and celebratory in its aspirations for a brighter future.

The Black Reparations Project
A Handbook for Racial Justice

Edited by William Darity, A. Kirsten Mullen, and Lucas Hubbard
Coming May 2023

A surge in interest in black reparations is taking place in America on a scale not seen since the Reconstruction Era. The Black Reparations Project gathers an accomplished interdisciplinary team of scholars—members of the Reparations Planning Committee—who have considered the issues pertinent to making reparations happen. 

This groundbreaking resource moves us from theory to action with a practical plan for reparations.