The University of California Press is pleased to return in-person to the College Art Association’s 111th annual conference in New York this week. We’re thrilled to announce two forthcoming books publishing next month in our Studies on Latin American Art series, which we’ll have early display copies for you to preview.

Praised as “one of the most insightful and forward looking intellectuals working today” noted scholar on feminist art Andrea Giunta explores gender and power in the work of Latin American artists from the 1960s to the present in her forthcoming The Political Body: Stories on Art, Feminism, and Emancipation in Latin America. Questioning the social place of women and proposing alternative understandings of biological bodies, these artists eroded repressive systems and created symbolic strategies of resistance to dictatorships, racism, and marginalization.

In The Affinity of Neoconcretism Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Brazilian Modernism, 1954–1964, Mariola V. Alvarez argues that the Neoconcretists—a group of artists and poets working together in Rio de Janeiro from 1959 to 1961—formed an important part of a period of time in Brazil’s economic development. She maps the interactions of the Neoconcretists and discusses how the artists and poets collaborated to challenge existing divides between high and low art and between fields such as fine art and dance.

Books in the Studies on Latin American Art series encompass studies of art history and cultural practices emerging from Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the Latin American diaspora in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. International and cosmopolitan in scope, the series seeks to address the production, exhibition, and dissemination of art in and between countries and continents. This series is supported by a gift from the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA).

All volumes will be on display at CAA. Visit us at Booth # 109 to browse these distinctively beautiful books. To save 40% online with the conference discount, enter code CAA2023 at checkout.