The holidays are about imbibing (coffee in the morning, wine in the evening) and indulging (food all day, every day). Here are some gifts to slake your thirst this year.

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For the holiday mornings…

Making Better Coffee
How Maya Farmers and Third-Wave Tastemakers Create Value

by Edward F. Fischer

Anthropologist Edward F. Fischer uncovers how “great coffee” depends not just on taste, but also on a complex system of values worked out among farmers, roasters, and consumers.

Read our Q&A with author Edward F. Fischer as he explains the rise of artisanal coffee.

Wine expert Jamie Goode for the holiday evenings…

The Science of Wine
From Vine to Glass, 3rd Edition

A thoroughly revised and updated third edition of this essential and groundbreaking reference gives a comprehensive overview of one of the most fascinating, important, and controversial trends in the world of wine: the scientific and technological innovations that are now influencing how grapes are grown and how wine is made.

The Goode Guide to Wine
A Manifesto of Sorts

Over the last decade, Jamie Goode has embarked on almost nonstop travel through the world’s vineyards in an effort to understand the beautifully diverse and complicated world of wine. His hard-nosed pursuit of the most interesting stories to tell about wine has led us here, to The Goode Guide to Wine.