In conjunction with the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians, we are pleased to make select content from our history journals free to read online.

California History

This year, California History is celebrating 100 years of publication. Originally launched by the California Historical Society and published by them for nearly one hundred years, California History is the premier journal of historical writing on California. Beginning in 2014, this tradition continued under the auspices of University of California Press. Showcasing exceptional scholarship, engaging writing, and innovative research, California History is essential reading for students and scholars of the history of California, the West, and the Pacific World; teachers of California history; and all Californians who are curious to understand the imprint of the state’s rich past upon the West, the United States, and the world beyond.

In the 100th anniversary issue, former California History editor Richard J. Orsi and current editor Mary Ann Irwin discuss highlights—favorite issues and significant articles—published over the course of the journal’s history. We invite you to read this article and everything else the issue has to offer for free online.

Pacific Historical Review

For over eighty years, Pacific Historical Review has accurately and adeptly covered the rich history of the American West and the peoples and cultures of the Pacific world, including Asia, Latin America, and beyond. The PHR is committed to the publication of work that explores cross-cultural and comparative studies, race and ethnicity, the history of empire and imperialism, environmental history, gender and sexuality, and other germane topics. The journal seeks to foster dialogue between scholars of disparate—yet intricately related—fields of history by offering a common medium of publication.

We invite you to read the current issue for free online.

The Public Historian

Since 1978, The Public Historian has made its mark as the definitive voice of the public history profession, providing historians with the latest scholarship and applications from the field. The Public Historian publishes the results of scholarly research and case studies and addresses the broad substantive and theoretical issues in the field. Areas of public history covered in the journal include public policy and policy analysis; federal, state, and local history; historic preservation; oral history; museum and historical administration; documentation and information services; corporate biography; exhibition, interpretation, and public engagement, and public history education.

The four featured articles in the current issue, all Reports from the Field, examine public historians working with performing artists, corporate donors, undergraduate students, and suspicious artifacts. They analyze innovative public history practice in projects from diverse international perspectives, from Greece to South Africa to the United States. All share an interest in using public history methodology to open up new kinds of understandings of the past, and all ponder the idea of truth and representation in historical interpretation. We invite you to read this issue for free online.