University of California Press is pleased to announce that the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) has named Global Perspectives Best New Journal for 2021.

The Council of Editors of Learned Journals, an allied organization of the Modern Language Association, is an organization of editors of scholarly journals in all disciplines. The CELJ announced its 2021 winners—including Distinguished Editor, Best Special Issue, Best Public Intellectual Special Issue, and Best New Journal—at its January 8 Presidential Session of the 2022 Modern Language Association Convention.

“This is an ambitious new journal on an important, wide-ranging topic. With an impressively diverse editorial board, and a healthy number of section editors, each with their own advisory board, this journal’s structure seems to offer a balance of breadth and depth worthy of the name.”

Council of Editors of Learned Journals
Global Perspectives Editor-in-Chief Helmut K. Anheier

Global Perspectives is led by Editor-in-Chief Helmut K. Anheier, Senior Professor of Sociology and past President of Hertie School and Adjunct Professor of Social Welfare at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs.

“At Global Perspectives we are very pleased about the award. For us, it is further encouragement to the novel approach of the journal to focus on high-quality academic contributions that do not fit into conventional disciplinary and national boundaries. Being recognized as such and so prominently by our peers in scholarly publishing is indeed a great honor,” notes Professor Anheier.

Its editorial team is complimented by both a team of eight Section Editors and an editorial Board-at-Large, who hail from all social science disciplines and from around the world. To add to the diversity of the journal, Global Perspectives also includes an Emerging Scholars Forum of post-doctoral fellows, researchers at an early stage in their career or at the assistant professor level, and who are recruited based on the recommendation of the editorial board members.

Philosophically, Global Perspectives starts from the premise that the world that gave rise to the modern social sciences in their present form is no more. The national and disciplinary approaches that developed in the last century are increasingly insufficient to capture the complexities of the global realities of a world that has changed significantly. New concepts, approaches, and forms of academic discourse are needed to break out of national and disciplinary silos. In this spirit, Global Perspectives seeks to advance contemporary social science research and debates, particularly in terms of concepts, theories, methodologies, and evidence bases. To accomplish its ambitious intellectual goals, Global Perspectives uses a unique transdisciplinary approach that manifests itself in subject sections informed by major conceptual or empirical issues, sometimes grounded in traditional disciplines, while inviting significant interdisciplinary crossovers and comparisons.

Please join UC Press in congratulating the entire Global Perspectives team for this prestigious achievement!

About Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives is an online-only, peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary journal seeking to advance social science research and debates in a globalizing world, specifically in terms of concepts, theories, methodologies, and evidence bases. Work published in the journal is enriched by invited perspectives that enhance its global and interdisciplinary implications.