As we celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth, we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight our award-winning journal, Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture.

Editor-in-Chief Charlene Villaseñor Black was recently featured in a profile in the October issue of UCLA Magazine.

The current issue of Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture, while not a thematic issue, centers on questions of the “future of the art of the past.” The issue features the first of two Dialogues sections that originated and transformed from scholarship shared at the international symposium, Congreso de Arte Virreinal: el futuro del arte del pasado in Lima, Peru, supported by the Thoma Foundation. These Dialogues share new research examining the diversity of perspectives in Spanish colonial visual culture to re-think the art history canon and consider how artists negotiated their identity to generate new artistic inventions in colonial Latin America. The essays also consider how viceregal art is not merely an art of the past by challenging analytical paradigms and shedding light on contemporary artists who actively engage with colonial art today.

All of the content in the Dialogues section is published in Spanish for the first time (with English translation of all texts provided as supplemental material), setting an important precedent in the field. Not only does this decision make the content more accessible to Latin American readers, it embodies an open approach to the transmission of knowledge across national, linguistic, and economic boundaries. 

We invite you to read the special section, “Thoma Dialogues: Arte virreinal, el futuro del arte del pasado” for free online.

UPDATE: Part Two of the “Thoma Dialogues” has been published in LALVC issue 3.4. We invite you to read this new installment of the “Thoma Dialogues” for free online.