Richard O. Moore Reads from Writing the Silences

In honor of National Poetry Month, Richard O. Moore reads from his new book, Writing the Silences.

Moore was part of the San Francisco Renaissance literary movement of the 1940s and 1950s. Over a successful and pioneering career in public broadcasting and documentary film, including co-founding KPFA Radio, the first listener-supported radio station in the country, Moore never stopped writing poetry, but did not publish a collection until now, at age 90. Quoted in the Marin Independent Journal, Moore says he wrote “to make the world comprehensible to myself”.

One thought on “Richard O. Moore Reads from Writing the Silences

  1. Nocturne and poetical singing.

    When the
    young bird
    flies describing
    the youth of
    a magical care,
    and when my
    memory outshines
    recalling the
    light of a tender
    emotion, I give
    you that song…….

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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