Janet Poppendieck

Janet Poppendieck, author of Free for All, wrote a guest post last week on the Fed Up with Lunch blog, where blogger “Mrs. Q” chronicles her quest to eat a school lunch every day for a year.

Poppendieck reminded readers that right now there is a crucial opportunity to make a difference in the national school lunch program: “Right now, the Child Nutrition Reauthorization legislation, the legislation that will control school food and other child nutrition programs for the next five years, is wending its way through Congress. Now is the time to tell your Senators and Representatives what you want to see as an end result. Now is the time to ask for enough money to do the job right”, she wrote. She also gave details on how to write a persuasive letter to your representative, and plenty of sources to find out more about school nutrition. Read the full post.

Poppendieck is speaking today at The California Endowment’s Oakland Conference Center in Oakland. The event runs from 12-2pm, and a moderated panel will follow her talk. More information here.