“Mark Twain at Play” Exhibition at the Bancroft Library

Mark Twain was a hardworking and prolific writer, but how did he spend his time when the “bread-and-butter element” was put aside and he was free to relax and amuse himself? This exhibition brings together manuscripts, documents, notebooks, albums, vintage photographs, and other artifacts from The Bancroft Library’s Mark Twain Papers. It was the inaugural exhibition (October 2008-April 2009) in the new exhibit space within the retrofitted and renovated Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley.

Find out more about Twain’s literary mischief, inventions, cigars, theater, and other amusements at the Bancroft Library.

Mark Twain’s “Is He Dead?” at the Cinnabar Theater

Is He Dead? the long-lost Mark Twain play unearthed from the Mark Twain Papers archives by Shelley Fisher Fishkin, published by UC Press, and adapted by David Ives, is onstage through April 17 at the Cinnabar Theater in Petaluma. The hilarious adventures of a struggling artist who fakes his own death, Is He Dead? was performed onstage for the first time ever at the Lyceum Theater on Broadway in 2007. Check out the Cinnabar show schedule. Shelley Fisher Fishkin will speak after the April 11 performance.