Congratulations to Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture (LALVC) which has received the Best New Journal Award from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ). The CELJ announced the award this past weekend at the virtual conference of the Modern Language Association (MLA).

In awarding the honor to LALVC, the CELJ attested, “This vibrant journal fills such an important gap among scholarly forums, focusing on ancient, colonial, modern and contemporary Latin American and Latinx visual culture from a range of multi- and interdisciplinary methodologies and perspectives. The scholarship published in the journal engages ‘aesthetics, history and the culture of meaning’ in intriguing ways and through accessible and rigorous examinations of representation across history, regions, cultural spheres, media, and impacts. The committee is especially impressed by the journal’s global reach and boundary-pushing dialogues.”

If you haven’t yet had a chance to explore LALVC, we have made the journal’s current issue free to read online for a limited time as part of our #MLA2021 promotions. Please enjoy this and other MLA2021 free content offers from UC Press journals.