Greetings, WSC folks! I’m disappointed not to see you at what is always a high-energy, fun-filled conference, but I wanted to take this time to share some good news and good books with you.

Maura Roessner, Criminology & Law Editor

I am thrilled to celebrate two award winners, Hadar Aviram and Nikki Jones. Hadar Aviram, author of Cheap on Crime and Yesterday’s Monsters, plus a forthcoming book on the California COVID-19 prison disaster, received the June Morrison/Tom Gitchoff Founders Award for her work to improve the quality of justice in the United States, and Nikki Jones, author of The Chosen Ones, received the W.E.B. DuBois Award for her work to drive awareness of racial and ethnic issues in criminology and criminal justice. Both of these scholar-activists work tirelessly to demand change, and all of us at UC Press are proud to work together to amplify their calls. Congratulations to Hadar, Nikki, and all of the 2021 award recipients!

We have a terrific list of recent and upcoming titles, including:

  • Shannon Reid and Matthew Valasik’s Alt-Right Gangs. Check out their Guardian op-ed about Trump’s endorsement of the Proud Boys here.

Finally, I would love to hear more about your own writing! I am always looking for critical work that engages with urgent and enduring issues in the field and in the world, and that centers the voices of those most impacted by the criminal justice system. Please feel free to reach out to me by email or on Twitter

For more on these and other titles, visit our WSC 2021 virtual exhibit page.