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Niels Hooper

Areas of acquisition: US History and American Studies, Pacific World, World History, Middle East Studies

Driven by a strong awareness of histories of social injustice and a desire to learn from historic struggles to overcome them, Niels has cultivated a list that interrogates power and questions received opinion to explore past possibilities for a more just society. Some highlights from his program include Rebecca Solnit’s atlas trilogy of Infinite CityUnfathomable City, and Nonstop Metropolis, Grace Lee Boggs’ The Next American Revolution, Peter Linebaugh’s Magna Carta Manifesto, Joshua Bloom and Waldo Martin’s Black Against Empire, Laura Briggs’ How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics, Nikhil Pal Singh’s Race and America’s Long War, Salim Tamari’s The Great War and the Remaking of Palestine, and Martin Duberman’s Has the Gay Movement Failed?

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Reed Malcolm

Areas of acquisition: Asian Studies

Reed has had the good fortune of publishing Peter Matthiessen, Shunryu Suzuki, Huston Smith, Don Lattin, Mark Juergensmeyer, and Kevin Bales. Today he continues to edit the Asian Studies list, which is highly regarded for its books in East Asian, South-East Asian, and South Asian studies. In addition, Reed is Managing Editor of the Luminos Open Access book program, whose mission is to enhance the global distribution of specialized scholarship, making it freely available to academics, students, librarians, and general readers.

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Kate Marshall

Areas of acquisition: Anthropology, Food Studies, Latin American Studies

UC Press maintains a broad interdisciplinary program in Latin American Studies covering multiple fields, including history, anthropology, sociology, and art history. Across lists we are known for our commitment to publishing cutting-edge scholarship that addresses inequality and injustice. Our Latin American history titles cover both the colonial and modern periods and address many themes, including Mexico, global Latin America, urban studies, human rights and political culture, race, and beyond. Recent highlights include Lina Britto’s Marijuana Boom, J.T.Way’s Agrotropolis, and Christy Thornton’s Revolution in Development. As the Latin American Studies editor, Kate actively seeks books that engage broad geographies or time periods and is eagerly expanding our collection of titles in Brazilian and Caribbean studies. A key part of the list is the Violence in Latin American History series edited by Pablo Piccato, Federico Finchelstein, and Paul Gillingham. A rigorous collection of books that challenge prevailing ideas about the history of endemic violence in the region, the series just published Gema Kloppe-Santamaría’s In the Vortex of Violence. Finally, our Latin American history titles that will publish in the Spring 21 season are available for preorder.

In addition to acquiring titles in Latin American history, Kate manages our award-winning food and wine program. Anchored by Darra Goldstein’s California Studies in Food and Culture series and the journal Gastronomica, Kate actively seeks out new works of food history in any subfield. Recent highlights include Laresh Jayasanker’s Sameness in Diversity, and Ben Wurgaft’s Meat Planet and Rod Phillip’s French Wine, both new in paperback.

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Eric Schmidt

Areas of acquisition: Areas of acquisition: Premodern World History, Religion, and World Literature in Translation

Our publishing program has a broad cultural studies remit, and as part of the premodern list, Eric is especially interested in books that study the passage of people, things, and ideas across the boundaries of lands and languages. Eric is also editor of our World Literature in Translation program, which features superior translations of major works of historical importance from around the premodern world. This collection is dedicated to a truly inclusive view of literature, covering everything from epic to lyric to folktale to history, with works from marginalized traditions sitting aside more recognizable works.

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