Although we are unable to see you in person at this year’s American Anthropological Association conference, we’d still love for you to “stop by the booth” and meet with us virtually after the #RaisingOurVoices event. Our anthropology editor is taking Zoom appointments.

Kate Marshall, Editor

“UC Press maintains a broad and deep backlist in anthropology and we publish more than 20 new books in the field each year. While we publish across geographic areas and subfields, our collections on Asia, Latin America, and in medical anthropology are particular strengths. Recent highlights include Li Zhang’s Anxious China, Maurice Magaña’s Cartographies of Youth Resistance, and Janis Jenkins and Thomas Csordas’ Troubled in the Land of Enchantment. In addition to books in these subfields, I am actively looking for more titles in Black studies and Middle East studies and books that address US-based social problems. Across anthropology, I am drawn to beautifully-crafted writing, teachable books, and authors who strive to translate big ideas for crossover audiences.

I want to highlight new developments in two of our key series. In 2015, Kevin O’Neill launched Atelier, a series defined by a writing workshop that takes place at the AAA meetings. Recent titles include Lauren Coyle Rosen’s Fires of Gold and Sarah Besky’s Tasting Qualities. In 2019, Ieva Jusionyte assumed editorial leadership of our longstanding California Series in Public Anthropology. New titles include David Vine’s The United States of War and Scott Stonington’s The Spirit Ambulance.

Finally, five exceptional works of scholarship published with open access e-book editions this year: Igor Cherstich, Martin Holbraad, and Nico Tassi’s Anthropologies of Revolution, Adrienne Strong’s Documenting Death, Holly Wardlow’s Fencing in AIDS, Erica Vogel’s Migrant Conversions, and Amanda Logan’s The Scarcity Slot.You can read these open access e-books now or purchase a paperback using our conference discount code.

I am excited to learn more about your work. Please reach out and schedule a meeting if you want to introduce yourself or learn more about UC Press.”

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