Although we are unable to see you in person at conferences, we’d still love to “meet” you and invite pitches for your book project. Having recently joined the University of California Press just days before the stay-at-home order, our new Technology Studies Editor, Michelle Lipinski, is looking forward to developing and deepening the breadth of titles UC Press publishes in the discipline.

Michelle Lipinski, Senior Editor
Technology Studies

“In 1969, the University of California served as the transmission point for the first message sent over the ARPAnet—the precursor to today’s internet. 30 years later, in 1999, the Association of Internet Researchers was founded, committed to the international, transdisciplinary field of internet studies. Today, the University of California Press is delighted to serve as a new transmission point for this indispensable and growing area of research.

Acquiring for our technology studies list, I seek books that investigate the complex interactions between technological innovation and society, culture, and politics. To more holistically understand and critically examine how technology changes, and is changed by, our world, UC’s growing program welcomes an interdisciplinary array of scholars, practitioners, journalists, and activists. Employing a range of methods and perspectives, our authors write for scholars, students, and general readers interested in exploring today’s most pressing issues of technology in society.

Given California’s distinct position as a driver of innovation, counterculture, and resistance, our objective is to provide a platform for new and vital voices, and to push for progressive change through technology studies books that engage crucial questions of social justice, access, and ethics. Forthcoming and recent titles include Jessa Lingel’s Gentrification of the Internet, which uses the politics and debates of gentrification to diagnose the massive, systemic problems blighting our contemporary internet, and Alex Rosenblatt’s Uberland, which chronicles the stories of Uber drivers to reveal the complicated politics of popular technologies that manipulate both workers and consumers.

I am happy to discuss your project and welcome pitches.”

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