Although we are unable to see you in person at this year’s American Sociological Association conference, we’d still love for you to “stop by the booth” and meet with us virtually. Our Editors are taking brief Zoom appointments over the next couple of weeks.

Naomi Schneider, Executive Editor
Sociology, Global Health, Contemporary Social Issues

“The UC Press sociology program continues to be stellar, linked deeply to the Press’s mission to grapple with the leading problems and challenges of the day from provocative and progressive perspectives. Our books deeply probe issues of racial and class inequality, gender discrimination, immigration, labor struggles, movements for sexual and social justice, human rights, global activism, and urban studies.

This program provides an eclectic coterie of books in discussion with each other about how to understand and solve the pressing issues of the day. Rigorous works on zeitgeisty matters define much of my focus; these books, on issues like race and inequality, have the potential to shape discussions within and outside the academy. The list has traditionally focused on issues of human rights and social justice and these concerns continue to guide acquisitions.  In the next year I plan to focus on issues of racial injustice, accelerating my outreach to communities of color in an effort to sign more scholars, writers and activists in this area.”

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