With the series premiere coming up on Sunday on Discovery, Life has gotten lots of attention this week. Today, Linda Holmes of NPR’s Monkey See blog called the series “stunning and beautiful” and even funny, and appreciated that Life goes beyond the standard nature show format to show how animals and plants solve problems. “It’s a series of stories, not just a string of demo reels about What It’s Like Out There”, she said. On her show yesterday, Ellen DeGeneres featured the series, then unveiled the UC Press companion book Life: Extraordinary Animals, Extreme Behavior, and handed out copies to the audience.

Like Planet Earth, each chapter in Life parallels an episode in the Discovery/BBC series. Follow along as giant octopi billow across the sea-floor, lizards walk on water, and bats take over the night, and learn how these traits and talents help them survive.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Discovery Channel trailer for Life. The two-hour series premiere will air on Discovery this Sunday, March 21, at 8PM.