With COVID-19’s continued disruption of everyday life in America and abroad, there are few sectors that are more vulnerable than local small businesses—particularly independent bookstores.

Dependent on daily foot traffic and a committed community of patrons, independent bookstores across the country have been forced to shut their doors to the public, while maintaining operations and continuing to pay employees.

This would be a tall order under normal circumstances, and it is that much more difficult during a global pandemic and mandatory shelter-in-place orders.

This is where organizations like Binc, the Book Industry Charitable Foundation, come in. Since 1996, Binc has offered scholarships, disaster relief, and other forms of direct assistance to independent booksellers and bookstores.

With COVID-19, independent booksellers are in greater need of assistance than ever before, and a donation to Binc will help provide immediate relief for booksellers across America. Additionally, literary agent Steven Malk and Beacon Press are hosting a matching fundraiser for Binc donations. Up to $12,500 in donations will be matched by the pair when you donate here.

UC Press is proud to stand in solidarity with independent booksellers. #SupportLocalNow