The inaugural issue of Resonance: The Journal of Sound and Culture is currently in production and scheduled to publish in March 2020. In anticipation, we are pleased to offer you a sneak peek at the issue’s Table of Contents.

Resonance is an interdisciplinary, international peer reviewed journal that features research and writing of scholars and artists working in fields typically considered to be the domain of sound art and sound studies. These fields may include traditional and new forms of radio, music, performance, installation, sound technologies, immersive realities, and studies-based disciplines such as musicology, philosophy, and cultural studies. The scope extends to other disciplines such as ethnography, cultural geography, ecologies, media archaeology, digital humanities, audiology, communications, and architecture.

Resonance:  The Journal of Sound & Culture
Volume 1, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Introduction. Inaugural Words from the Co-Founding Editors
Phylis Johnson & Jay Needham

Invited Essays

Radically Recalcitrant Radio
Allen S. Weiss   

Wade in the Water: The Making of A Groundbreaking Radio Documentary Series   
Sonja D. Williams 

Original Research

The Forgotten 1979 MoMA Sound Art Exhibition
Judy Dunaway

Towards an Absent Music: Sound Installation After Auschwitz
Christian Sancto  

Silent Listening: The Aesthetics of Literary Sounds
James Wierzbicki 

Uneasy Listening: Towards a Hauntology of AI-Generated Music
Yair Rubinstein

Travels with Jack:  ZBS’s Post-Network Radio Adventure
Jacob Smith

Learn more about Resonance and, if you are interested in contributing, please take a look at the journal’s submission instructions. Make sure that you have access to the first issue by asking your library to subscribeResonance is part of UC Press’s Music Subject Collection, which offers cost savings to libraries subscribing to all seven of UC Press’s music journals, so you may want to recommend the full collection to your librarian. Interested librarians can find additional details about the Music Subject Collection here.