University of California Press is seeking applicants for the position of Editor of Studies in Late Antiquity. The new editorship will begin in January 2021 following the end of founding Editor, Beth DePalma Digeser’s term. 

Launched in 2015, Studies in Late Antiquity (SLA) is an online-only quarterly journal that serves as an international forum for innovation and reflection on global Late Antiquity (150-750 CE). Primary points of interest include interconnections between the Mediterranean and Africa, Iran, Arabia, the Baltic, Scandinavia, the British Isles, China, India and all of Asia, as well as disrupting the assumed connection between the late ancient/Christian Mediterranean and modern, western Europe. In addition to the peer-reviewed articles of original research, the journal also publishes invited essays, book reviews, and exhibition reviews. 

Sample articles from Studies in Late Antiquity include: 

Late Antiquity and World History: Challenging Conventional Narratives and Analyses 
Mark Humphries 
Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2017 

The Monasteries Founded by the Thirteen Syrian Fathers in Iberia: The Rise of Monasticism in Sixth-Century Georgia 
Shota Matitashvili 
Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2018 

A Holy Heretical Body: Ṭalḥa b. ʿUbayd Allāh’s Corpse and Early Islamic Sectarianism
Adam Bursi 
Volume 2, Number 2, Summer 2018 

Early Christian Female Pilgrimage to the Shrines of Saint Menas, Saint Simeon the Elder, and Saint Thecla 
Grace Stafford 
Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 2019 

Imperial Women and Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity
Julia Hillner 
Volume 3, Number 3, Fall 2019 

Applicants should have a distinguished scholarly record in the field. Journal editorial experience is preferred but not required. Applicants should possess strong organizational and management skills, the ability to work with others, and a commitment to the journal’s mission to publish high-quality, relevant, and engaging scholarship.

University of California Press provides the Editor with a modest annual stipend of financial support. 

Primary responsibilities of the Editor include:

  • Developing and implementing a strategic editorial vision and goals for the journal
  • Appointing editorial board members and identifying appropriate peer reviewers
  • Making final decisions on manuscripts
  • Ensuring smooth editorial workflows and processes
  • Adhering to the Publisher’s production schedule for the journal
  • Working collaboratively with journal stakeholders on journal promotion and building a reliable pipeline of high quality submissions 

UC Press endeavors to have the new Editor appointed by May 2020 to ensure a smooth editorial transition. 

Applicants should send a letter of application including their strategic vision for the journal, a description of their qualifications for the position, a current CV, and a description of any potential institutional support to:

David Famiano
Journals Publisher
University of California Press

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications by February 10, 2020 although applications may be considered on an ongoing basis.