The inaugural issue of the Journal of Sound and Music in Games (JSMG) is currently in production and scheduled to publish in January 2020. In anticipation, we are pleased to offer you a sneak peek at the issue’s Table of Contents.

JSMG is a peer-reviewed journal that presents high-quality research concerning all areas of music and/or sound in games. It serves a diverse community of readers and authors, encompassing industry practitioners alongside scholars from disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, computer science, media/game studies, philosophy, psychology and sociology, as well as musicology. JSMG is the only journal exclusively dedicated to this subject and provides a meeting point for professionals and academics from any tradition to advance knowledge of music and sound in this important medium. As the journal of the Society for the Study of Sound and Music in GamesJSMG acts as a lively forum for the presentation and dissemination of knowledge, uniting theory and practice in this domain of musical-sonic activity.

Journal of Sound and Music in Games
Volume 1, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction
Stephen Baysted

Battle Hymn of the God-Slayers: Troping Rock and Sacred Music Topics in Xenoblade Chronicles
Thomas B. Yee

Gray Areas: Analyzing Navigable Narratives in the Not-So-Uncanny Valley Between Soundwalks Video Games, and Literary Computer Games
Elizabeth Hambleton

The 1-Bit Instrument: The Fundamentals of 1-Bit Synthesis, Their Implementational Implications and Instrumental Possibilities
Blake ‘PROTODOME’ Troise

Colloquy: Canons of Game Music and Sound
William Gibbons, Julianne Grasso, Hyeonjin Park and Karen M. Cook

Game Sound – Reverberations
Karen Collins

Ludomusicology and The New Drastic
Isabella van Elferen

Review of Unlimited Replays: Video Games and Classical Music, by William Gibbons.
Jonathan Godsall

The Problem with Players: A Response to Jonathan Godsall
William Gibbons

Review of Bits and Pieces: A History of Chiptunes, by Kenneth B. McAlpine.
Peter Smucker

A Response to Peter Smucker
Kenneth B. McAlpine

A Ludomusicologist Goes to the Museum: A Review of Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Martine Mussies

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