Resonance: The Journal of Sound and Culture is accepting ongoing submissions for its inaugural volumes.

Resonance: The Journal of Sound and Culture is an interdisciplinary, international peer reviewed journal that features research and writing of scholars and artists working in fields typically considered to be the domain of sound art and sound studies. These fields may include traditional and new forms of radio, music, performance, installation, sound technologies, immersive realities, and studies-based disciplines such as musicology, philosophy, and cultural studies.  The scope extends to other disciplines such as ethnography, cultural geography, ecologies, media archaeology, digital humanities, audiology, communications, and architecture. The journal’s purview investigates the research, theory, and praxis of sound from diverse cultural perspectives in the arts and sciences and encourages consideration of ethnicity, race, and gender within theoretical and/or artistic frameworks as they relate to sound. The journal also welcomes research and approaches that explore cultural boundaries and expand upon the concept of sound as a living, cultural force whose territories and impacts are still emerging.

Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Sound art
  • Sound and the environment 
  • Emerging sound technologies and practices 
  • Race, gender and identity as they relate to sound
  • Sound preservation and conservation
  • Sound and musicology  
  • Performance and installation
  • Perception and cognition
  • History of sound and radio
  • Philosophies, commons, and polities of sound
  • Sound and the built environment

Authors are encouraged to review Resonance’s submission instructions.

Please direct any editorial inquiries to the editorial team at

The journal is also accepting proposals for special issues. Please review the Special Issue Proposal Guidelines before contacting the editorial team. 

Editorial Team


Phylis West Johnson, San Jose State University

Jay Needham, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Associate Editor

Honna Veerkamp, St. Louis, Missouri