This Fall season we are pleased to be publishing paperback editions of three award-winning classic texts from leading scholars in the field, including explorations of Medieval literacy, 20th-century German opera, and choral compositions of the Renaissance.

Medieval Music and the Art of Memory

by Anna Maria Busse Berger

“Groundbreaking in its scope, depth, and thoroughness.”
Journal of the American Musicological Society

Medieval Music and the Art of Memory is clearly an important work. Its reconsideration of entrenched assumptions in the scholarly literature will likely provoke intense discussion. . . .This book deserves the close attention of anyone interested in medieval music. It will also deepen and fortify the growing body of work on memory in other disciplines.”
Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies

Winner of:
The Wallace Berry Award, Society for Music Theory
ASCAP Deems Taylor Award, American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers

Brecht at the Opera

by Joy H. Calico

“[An] illuminating way to reconsider opera in the post-Brecht era.”

“Demonstrates an astonishing breadth of familiarity with the critical literature, and is able to apply insights from it to her own investigations with uncommon lucidity. [Calico] has also done some excellent archival sleuthing.”
Stephen Luttmann, Notes

Modal Subjectivities
Self-Fashioning in the Italian Madrigal

by Susan McClary

“…the book’s engaging style, bold premise, and persuasive argument will reward and gratify the reader who possesses a modicum of music literacy and a general interest in Renaissance poetics, regardless of discipline.”
Renaissance Quarterly

“[McClary] unveils a world of luxuriant introspection and complex self-division that we can actually learn to hear in the body of music for which she is now our most eloquent advocate.”
Lawrence Kramer, author of Musical Meaning: Toward a Critical History and Opera and Modern Culture

Winner of:
Otto Kinkeldey Award, American Musicological Society

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