University of California Press is pleased to announce that we will begin publishing the scholarly journal Communist and Post-Communist Studies in 2020.

Currently in its 52nd year of publication, Communist and Post-Communist Studies is an academic, international, and interdisciplinary refereed journal covering all communist and post-communist states and communist movements, including both their domestic policies and their international relations. It is focused on the analysis of historical as well as current developments in the communist and post-communist world, including ideology, economy and society. It also aims to provide comparative foci on a given subject (e.g. education in China) by inviting comments of a comparative character from scholars specializing in the same subject matter but in different countries (e.g. education in Poland or Romania).

Communist and Post-Communist Studies currently enjoys an Impact Factor of 1.351 and a CiteScore of 1.4.

Examples of recent articles published in the journal include:

Russian soft power in Ukraine: A structural perspective
Ammon Cheskin

The Cold War and Third World revolution
Robert P. Hager

Classical Marxism and Maoism: A comparative study
A. James Gregor

Neo-patrimonial practices and sustainability of authoritarian regimes in Eurasia
Stanislav N. Shkel

The politics of recognition of Crimean Tatar collective rights in the post-Soviet period: With special attention to the Russian annexation of Crimea
Filiz Tutku Aydin and Fethi Kurtiy Sahin

Media corruption and issues of journalistic and institutional integrity in post-communist countries: The case of Bulgaria
Lada Trifonova Price

Income inequality and level of corruption in post-communist European countries between 1995 and 2014
Kristýna Bašná