The environmental problems we face will not be solved by one disciplinary approach. It will take big ideas, research, and collaboration from social sciences, humanities, and sciences to find innovative, equitable, and practical solutions to these global issues. We are expanding our offerings in environmental studies to include interdisciplinary work that speaks to a range of audiences, including scholars, students, and general interest readers.

To that end, while at the Ecological Society of America conference this August 11-16 in Louisville, KY, meet editor Stacy Eisenstark to learn more about how we are growing the list and how you can contribute your scholarship to foster understanding of our environmental challenges to impact meaningful action.

Building on California’s reputation as an environmental leader and the University of California system’s strengths as one of the largest public education institutions, we aim to advance knowledge and drive progressive change through our environmental studies books. We are looking for experts who are explicitly talking across disciplines and who are focused on the intersection of environment and society. Disciplines and topic areas of interest include, but are not limited to, ecology, conservation science, environmental sociology, geography, environmental history, environmental justice, and environmental policy.

Please contact Stacy at to discuss any idea that fits the UC Press mission.