At this year’s American Sociological Association conference, we celebrate the work of our award-winning authors. Congratulations to our wonderful scholars, teachers, and activists. #ASA19 #ScholarActivist

Abigail Leslie Andrews, Undocumented Politics: Place, Gender, and the Pathways of Mexican Migrants

ASA, Sex and Gender Section, Distinguished Book Award, “honor[ing] those who make a significant contribution to the field of sex and gender through an article or book chapter on the cutting edge of sociological inquiry.”

ASA, International Migration Section, Honorable Mention for Thomas and Znaniecki Book Award
Read more from Abigail about the effects of emigration here.

Amada Armenta, Protect, Serve, and Deport: The Rise of Policing as Immigration Enforcement

ASA, Latina/o Sociology Section, Distinguished Contribution to Research Book Award

Trevor Hoppe, Punishing Disease: HIV and the Criminalization of Sickness

ASA, Sexualities Section, Distinguished Book Award

SSSP, Law and Society Division, Sutherland Book Award, given for “focus on excellence in scholarship within the study of law and society.”

Read more from Trevor about the criminalization of sexually transmitted diseases here.

Marcus Anthony Hunter and Zandria F. Robinson, Chocolate Cities: The Black Map of American Life

ASA, Community and Urban Section, Robert E. Park Award, “given in 1987 in honor of Robert E. Park’s contributions to Urban Sociology.”

Read more from Marcus and Zandria about mapping the geography of African-American history here.

Joachim J. Savelsberg, Representing Mass Violence: Conflicting Responses to Human Rights Violations in Darfur

SSSP, Lee Founders Award, given “in recognition of significant achievements that, over a distinguished career, have demonstrated continuing devotion to the ideals of the founders of the Society and especially to the humanist tradition of Alfred McClung Lee and Elizabeth Briant Lee.”

SSSP, Lifetime Achievement Award of the Crime and Juvenile Deliquency section, “given by the CJDD to honor individuals for their distinguished scholarship in the fields of crime and delinquency and/or for prosocial activism in addressing crime, delinquency, and justice.”

Read more from Joachim about the role of international criminal courts in response to mass violence here.

Esther Sullivan, Manufactured Insecurity: Mobile Home Parks and Americans’ Tenuous Right to Place

ASA, Community and Urban Section, Robert E. Park Award, “given in 1987 in honor of Robert E. Park’s contributions to Urban Sociology.”

Miranda R. Waggoner, Zero Trimester: Pre-Pregnancy Care and the Politics of Reproductive Risk

ASA, Science, Knowledge, and Technology Section, Robert K. Merton Book Award

Read more about Miranda’s research into the politics of reproductive rights here.