As transgender people continue to experience discrimination and possible further loss of civil rights, we are reminded to find hope for societies that  are struggling to learn how to address gender beyond the presumed binary biology. 

In this PopMatters piece, blogger Mike Schiller features Trans Kids: Being Gendered in the Twenty-First Century by sociologist Tey Meadow, sharing how “Trans Kids finds its way to something like a happy ending.” Schiller writes: “Perhaps most impressive of all, Trans Kids barely even acknowledges the abstraction that the very concept of gender nonconformity has come to be defined by in the news, in the words of our political leaders, in our social media feeds; rather, it removes that abstraction entirely, giving us very real kids and parents to get to know and come to identify with.” 

Read more from Tey Meadows about how young transgender people may feel when told by their government that they do not exist. And read an excerpt from the book.

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