Evan Goldstein’s new book Daring Pairings goes beyond his classic Perfect Pairings, exploring the background and terroir of 36 adventurous wines, and pairing them with 36 recipes created by world-renowned chefs.

In December, Goldstein volunteered his wine pairing expertise on this blog, with a recipe and wine pairing for a persimmon-pomegranate-hazelnut salad. In this podcast with Chris Gondek, he offers some general guidelines about balancing flavors and richness when pairing wines with food, and suggests two red and two white wines that will bring out the best in your in your cioppino, curry, or Dungeness crab.

Gondek, who tried one of the recipes at home, describes how pairing a glass of Trebbiano with Susan Spicer’s Louisiana Popcorn Rice and wild rice pilaf with crab meat, almonds, and lemon added depth and synergy to the meal.

Listen to the podcast: [podcast]https://www.ucpress.edu/content/podcasts/11029.mp3[/podcast]

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