The Stanford Libraries have added the photos of Bay-Area based photojournalist David Bacon to their archives. Bacon, the author of In the Fields of the North/En los campos del norte, has documented the lives of migrant farmers for over thirty years. A political activist and union organizer, Bacon’s work sheds light on often-ignored communities and brings their concerns to the forefront of our cultural and political discussions.

Praise for In the Fields of the North / En los campos del norte

“Through his clear, concise writing, his informed captions, and his powerful photographs, David Bacon witnesses lives, not working human machines.”—Afterimage

“David Bacon allows us to be there. Inside the temporary ‘homes’ created in cabins standing in the middle of nowhere. Homes that often become permanent by filling them with the workers’ hope.” — Ana Luisa Anza, Editor, Cuartoscuro

In the Fields of the North / En los campos del norte showcases Bacon’s most recent photos of migrant farmers. Told in both English and Spanish, these are the stories of farmworkers exposed to extreme weather and pesticides, injured from years of working bent over for hours at a time, and treated as cheap labor. The stories in this book remind us that the food that appears on our dinner tables is the result of back-breaking labor, rampant exploitation, and powerful resilience.