Attending the Latin American Studies Association conference in Boston? No doubt your schedule is already jam packed, but make sure to stop by the UC Press booth (#BH10) to save 40% on new and bestselling titles in the field. As the conference continues, follow along with the #LASA2019 blog series to learn more about our new titles and authors.

Check Out These Sessions Featuring UC Press Authors:

Thursday, May 23rd:

3:00-5:00PM (MCP Brandeis): Access Scenarios: Latin American Film in Festivals, Communities and Archives: Towards a Latin American Documentary Film Archive and Interactive Database (LA-RED) (Paul A. Schroeder Rodriguez)

Friday, May 24th:

9:00-10:30AM (MCP Salon I): Prácticas Textuales, Editoriales y Culturales en la Unidad Popular Chilena (Camilo D. Trumper)

12:30-2:00PM (SB Clarendon): La mutación criminal en la era post Chávez (Alejandro Velasco)

4:00-5:30PM (SB Beacon E): Violence, Press and Politics in Latin America: the Public Sphere in Slavery and Cold War (Camilo D. Trumper)

5:45-7:15PM (MCP Hyannis): Indigenous Environmental Governance: Struggles and Strategies for Safeguarding the Future (Nancy G. Postero)

Saturday, May 25th:

9:00-10:30AM (MCP MIT): The Civilizing Process in Latin America (Pablo Piccato)

9:00-10:30AM (SB The Fens): Transpacific Studies as Method: Beyond Area Studies and Latinamericanism (Fredy Gonzalez)

10:45AM-12:15PM (MCP MIT): Colombia en el Post-conflicto: ¿Es posible la construcción de una paz sostenible? (Robert Karl)

10:45AM-12:15PM (MCP Boston University): Enduring Injustices: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Class in Peru (Florence E. Babb)

12:30-2:00PM (SB Berkeley B): Neo-liberal Experiments in Latin America: Old and New (Esteban Perez Caldentey)

4:00-5:30PM (MCP Exeter): Struggles for Citizenship in Times of Legal Skepticism (Robert Karl)

4:00-5:30PM (SB Kent): “Illegal” and Not Undocumented: Life under the Trump Administration (Angela Stuesse)

Sunday, May 26th:

10:45AM-12:15PM (MCP MIT): Exploring the Punitive Turn, Carceral State, and Sovereignty from Below (Anthony W. Fontes)

10:45AM-12:15PM (SB Jefferson): Homenaje a Fernando Birri, Trabajador de la Luz (Paul A. Schroeder Rodriguez)

12:30-2:00PM (MCP MIT): Exploring the Punitive Turn, Carceral State, and Sovereignty from Below (Graham Denyer Willis)

12:30-2:00PM (SB Hampton B): Illegal Encounters: The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People (Deborah A. Boehm)

2:15-3:45PM (MCP Salon C): Puerto Rican Lives in Debt and Disaster (Marisol LeBron, Laura Briggs)

2:15-3:45PM (MCP Salon E): Presidential Session: Immigrant Families and Youth: Justice and Democracy (Roberto G. Gonzales)

4:00-5:30PM (SB Jefferson): Activist Research on Immigrant Policy and the Journey North (Angela Stuesse, Wendy Vogt)

5:45-7:15PM (MCP Brandeis): The Politics of Disappearance (Graham Denyer Willis)

Monday, May 27th:

9:00-10:30AM (MCP Vermont): Technological Cultures and Social Inclusion in Latin America (Maite Conde)

10:45AM-12:15PM (SB Beacon E): Backlashes to Gender Equality Policies (Tara Patricia Cookson)

10:45AM-12:15PM (SB Kent): Alcances y Límites de LASA para el Diálogo de Saberes Entre Academia y Organizaciones/Movimientos Sociales (Angela Stuesse)

12:30-2:00PM (MCP Berkeley): New Approaches to Latin American Cinema (Maite Conde, Jesse Lerner)

2:15-3:45PM (SB Beacon H): Medical Histories from the Caribbean, Southern Cone, and Central America (Heather Vrana)

2:15-3:45PM (MCP Harvard): New Perspectives on Crime and Violence in Latin America: Patterns, Trends and New Developments in Recent Publications (Graham Denyer Willis)

4:00-5:30PM (SB Gardner A): Making and Valuing Money in the Americas, 17th – 19th Centuries (Andrew Konove, Emily Engel)

4:00-5:30PM (SB Fairfax A): Transatlantic exchanges and legacies: Spain and Latin America in the 20th Century (Pablo Piccato)