As we continue to expand our offerings in Communication, we remain focused on issues of social justice, cultural awareness, and environmental responsibility. 

To that end, while at the International Communication Association conference this May 24 – 28 in Washington, D.C., meet Executive Editor Lyn Uhl to learn more about our three newest series and how you can contribute your scholarship to foster a deeper understanding of our world to change how people think, plan, and govern.

Contact Lyn at to make an appointment.

Communication for Social Justice Activism Series

Patricia S. Parker
Lawrence R. Frey

This book series offers a new and important outlet for communication scholarship that promotes social justice activism that can be employed to teach communication courses and conduct engaged communication research. The goal is to weave social justice activism into all levels of the communication curriculum, with books in this series serving as primary and supplementary texts in undergraduate and graduate communication courses, and as indispensable resources for communication scholars engaging in social justice communication activism teaching and research. Learn more with series editors Patricia S. Parker and Lawrence R. Frey.

Rhetoric & Public Culture: History, Theory, Critique

Dilip Gaonkar
Samuel McCormick

For nearly a century, scholars and students across the humanities have been reading and responding to the unorthodox work of Kenneth Burke.

The book series publishes scholarly books written in the spirit of Kenneth Burke, specifically books which model Burke’s unique scholarly skill set, exhibiting all-too-rare combinations of historical insight, cultural awareness, critical attunement, conceptual sophistication, and interdisciplinary compulsion. Series editors: Dilip Gaonkar and Samuel McCormick.

Environmental Communication, Power, and Culture

Phaedra C. Pezzullo
Salma Monani

This book series publishes scholarly monographs and trade books that consider how communication and contemporary environmental matters shape each other in ways that reflect, challenge, negotiate, and transform specific conjunctures of contested life. Rather than solely thinking of communication as a set of skills, this series creates space for empirically-grounded and rigorously researched books that engage the ways communication enables and resists oppression and unequal hierarchies that stand as systemic barriers against an environmentally just world. Series editors: Phaedra C. Pezzullo and Salma Monani

Other Books

In addition to book projects that would fit into the various series above, the Communication list will include a wide range of topics including media studies, media history, technology and social justice, and journalism.

Please contact Lyn to discuss any idea that fits the UC Press mission of driving progressive change. And see you at ICA 2019.