While at the Population Association of America annual meeting in Austin, TX from April 10 – 13, learn more about the Sociology in the 21st Century Series. #PAA2019

This series introduces students to a range of sociological issues of broad interest in the United States today with each volume addressing topics like race, population health, family, education, immigration, gender, and social inequality. These books—intended for classroom use—highlight findings from current, rigorous research and demographic data while including stories about people’s experiences to illustrate major themes in an accessible manner.

Population Health in America by Robert A. Hummer, Erin R. Hamilton

“A much-needed and comprehensive overview. Points to a broad array of strategies to promote population health and reduce disparities.”—Debra J. Umberson, Director of the Population Research Center, University of Texas at Austin



Race and Ethnicity in America by John Iceland

“This unique text provides the reader with uncommon rigor and a dispassionate evaluation of the change and stagnation concerning an area of American life that is fraught with passionately held but conflicting points of view.”—Richard Alba, Graduate Center at CUNY and author of Strangers No More

A Portrait of America: The Demographic Perspective by John Iceland

“Solidly grounded in the most recent empirical work on the various topics and is presented in a well-written, accessible style.”—Stewart Tolnay University of Washington and author of The Bottom Rung

Families in America by Susan L. Brown 

“A succinct and savvy account of our rapidly changing family system. It stands out as an empirically rich and judicious treatment of the American family.”—Frank Furstenberg, Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania




Education in America by Kimberly A. Goyette

“Goyette provides a lucid, succinct, and valuable overview of the state of education. Recommended for teaching!”—Annette Lareau, author of Unequal Childhoods




Learn more about the Sociology in the 21st Century Series.