Congratulations to Lee Grieveson, whose book Cinema and the Wealth of the Nations: Media, Capital and the Liberal World System has won the Limina Award for Best International Cinema Studies Book published in 2018.

Awarded by CINEMA & Cie International Film Studies Journal‘s Editorial Board and the Udine International Film Studies Conference’s Scientific Committee, the award will be presented on March 23, 2019 during the forthcoming FilmForum 2019 conference taking place March 21–26 in Gorizia, Italy.


“With in-depth film analyses and archive research on specific cases on both sides of the Atlantic, accurate and critically lucid methodology, breadth of vision and a brilliant writing style able to clearly present and problematize the issues, the author accomplishes an exam of the relationship between media and capitalistic system destined to become a landmark not only on this specific subject, but on the general historical and critical approach we have to the Anglo-American media panorama.”XVII LIMINA AWARD 2019